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Vennari is a High - Fine Jewelry brand from three generations of italian designer. The name is associated with exclusive jewelry, rigorous lines, soft and evanescent in their original geometry with a look to the future. Vennari has offered timeless and avant-garde jewelry combining the beauty of a classic in a contemporary form. The House was founded in the south of Italy in 1960 by Gildo Vennari . From the South to the center of Italy, V moved to Florence where Domenico Vennari , son of the founder , established the Maison with his unmistakable creation to an international clientele.



The Atelier, located in the Antica Torre , Via de’ Tornabuoni 1, in the heart of Florence, reflects an understate elegance with the constant attention for detail, which makes all the difference. It is here where V choose to establish his creative space where refinement and modernity converge, producing collections both personal and with distinct character . The unmistakable style of V is thanks to the contemporary dimension with which Domenico Vennari has reinterpreted classic jewelry. Giulia Vennari , their daughter and a former ballet dancer, takes the inspiration from her travels, all the majestic theatre , antique jewelry and architecture, combines the know-how of her father with the undisputed taste of her mother Candida when designing jewelry ; as such her priority with V is to create spontaneity and lightness so that the jewelry and its wearer become one as a second skin.


The House combines design , innovation and character to anticipate fashion with eclectic solutions, emphasizing the intrinsic value of the jewel. V creations have a strong identity , in both the development of new formal concepts and the exploration original horizon in regards to assembly of varied materials. Each creation and collection is exclusively handcrafted by the best artisans in Italy, V has been working with the same Italian workshop for generation uses only the highest quality of gemstones in its jewelry creations. “ When I conceive each piece of my collection , I imagine, as a prerequisite, that it is destined for those who exude the same elegance , in every sphere of life . The big challenge is to arouse a desire: it is only starting with this assumption that the luxury sector will continue to have a great future. “ D.V “ There’s my father everywhere . To wear a jewel for me is how to dress as he would, with his charm. The ease with each he does it immediate. It’s like when you dance , you must do it lightly. “ G.V


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